Google releases its list of favourite Chrome Extensions of 2021

As we near the end of this year, Google has shared its list of hand-picked Chrome extensions which are said to allow users to “virtually stay connected, get things done, and have some fun along the way”. Google has categorised the extensions into four different categories, on the basis of what they offer. These include; Communicate and collaborate, Stay productive, Learn virtually, and Make (and save) some change.

Here is everything you should know about Google’s list of favourite extensions for Chrome in 2021.

Communicate and collaborate

As part of this category, Google has chosen three Chrome extensions. Loom which is aimed at making the process of capturing and sharing videos with others, easier. The extension will allow users to record their screen, voice, and face in videos that can be shared.

Mote which will allow users to give quick feedback via voice. Users can use the extension to add voice comments and audio to shared documents, assignments, emails, and forms.

The company also listed Wordtune as one of its favorite picks of 2021. The extension can be used to communicate with ease, as it rephrases sentences and typo errors in emails and documents.

Stay productive

Google has stated that as part of this category, it has chosen extensions that will offer new ways to stay focused and efficient. Forest, which is an extension that can be used to motivate users and enhance productivity, using virtual tree planting and rewards.

The company has also listed Dark Reader to be one of its favorite Chrome extensions. Dark Reader is meant to protect your eyes and reduce strain, by applying a dark theme to the websites you visit on Chrome. Users can also tweak settings such as brightness, contrast, sepia filter, dark mode, and more.

There’s also Tab Manager Plus extension which will allow users to view all active tabs in one view.

Users who are interested in getting a tool for clicking screenshots and recording their screen can have a look at Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder. The extension will allow you to capture screenshots and record on-screen content.

Learn virtually

As part of the ‘Learn Virtually’ category, Google has mentioned extensions that will provide users with access to helpful virtual classroom tools. The top picks include Kami, which aids users in creating an interactive online learning space. The tool will allow teachers and students to collaborate in real-time.

Users can also make use of the InsertLearning extension on Chrome, to easily take notes. The tool can even be integrated with Google Classroom. Toucan is said to make the process of the same “fun and immersive”.

The last extension as part of this category includes Rememberry. The extension can be used to organise vocabulary words into flashcard decks for quick studying.

Make (and save) some change

If you wish to ad a personal touch to your browsing experience, you can download Stylus. Using the extension, you will be able to build and install custom themes and skins for the websites you love to visit often.

Google has also listed the Rakuten extension as part of this category. The tool can be used to automatically search for deals and find coupons across the Web while shopping online.

Marcy Willis

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