The 5 Best Resources for Web Design Inspiration

There are more websites available on the internet than any one person could ever search through. But if you’re a web designer by trade or just someone who enjoys it as a hobby, then you no doubt want to see the best of the best.

Fortunately, there are better ways than just browsing the internet and hoping that you stumble across something fantastic. Here are some of the best websites to inspire your web design journey.

A Screenshot of Webdesign Inspiration's Landing Page

First up on this list comes Web Design Inspiration, a website which does pretty much exactly what you might expect from its title. It’s a website full of inspiration for web design.

Web Design Inspiration’s landing page features a huge list of different web design ideas for you to use as inspiration. Each image links you to a different website that has been hand-chosen for being outstanding in one respect or another. These are the types of websites that impress your clients.

If you click on the title of the link, you’ll find yourself on a page with extra information about the website, instead. This will give you information about the predominant colors that the website features, the styles, types, industries, CMS, programming languages used, and more.

This is super handy because Web Design Inspiration also lets you filter by a wide range of different categories. You can use most of the tags above to filter, so if you’re looking for inspiration for an interesting way to make use of a green color scheme, Web Design Inspiration is a great way to do that.


If you use WordPress, you can also find an entire section dedicated to WordPress themes and sites that help you work on WordPress as well. You can search through any of these the same way you can any of the main page inspiration.

A Screenshot of Best Website Gallery's Landing Page

Next up on this list is Best Website Gallery. Best Website Gallery is a great resource to discover new and impressive websites on a regular basis.

Best Website Gallery is, at its heart, a visual bookmark collection for the creator. Luckily for you, it’s made entirely public and is incredibly accessible.

Sites that are impressive to Best Website Gallery’s creator are picked and added as he discovers them, and users can then vote on the design of the site on a one to ten scale.

You can view more details about each site in-depth, and each link even includes an impressive number of different screenshots if the website ever goes down or changes for whatever reason.

The filtering system here is really impressive as well. It looks gorgeous, for one, but is also incredibly intuitive and easy to use. You can filter by website color, CMS, style, or framework here. Mix and matching is also possible if you’re looking for something really specific.

A Screenshot of CSS-Tricks's Landing Page

Now, if you thought that long lists of websites were the only way to get inspiration, then you’re sorely mistaken. CSS-Tricks is a blog dedicated to different web design elements, namely CSS, a staple of just about all responsive web design.

All you need to do with CSS-Tricks is scroll down to look through the various articles. There’s a section dedicated to articles that are popular this month if you’re looking for something in particular, but that’s not the only way to browse.

You can look for videos that CSS-Tricks posts to their website and to YouTube, or sort by the various guides that are available. You can even search up the CSS-Tricks almanac, which should help to explain just about any CSS property that you could imagine.

What’s great here is the variety. You might see one article talking about a certain effect that you had never thought about before, and once you see what’s written, realize is much easier to achieve than you had ever thought.

A Screenshot of Webdesigner Depot's Landing Page

Next up on this list, we have Webdesigner Depot. If you’re looking for more general design tips or don’t personally touch much CSS yourself, then this blog is probably the better resource for you.

Webdesigner Depot is a blog dedicated to all aspects of web designing such as workflow, UI concepts, news, and more. If it relates to just about web development tool used by professionals, it’ll be here.

Important posts appear near the top of the website, and below that, you’ll find the section dedicated to popular posts.

There’s an impressive amount of variety here in the types of articles that you’ll find. Quizzes and polls can serve to keep you entertained, while informative posts about UI and UX are abundant.

If you adore the website, you can even subscribe to a newsletter to make sure that you’re updated whenever new articles go out, and you can even get access to various freebies. If you’re looking for new fonts, icons, and more, then this is a great resource to have.

A Screenshot of r/web_design and r/webdev's Banners

Finally, we have Reddit. Not the entire site, but rather two Subreddits that are incredibly useful. Firstly, there’s r/web_design.

r/web_design is a great subreddit for anyone who is interested in web design. It features interesting concepts, new ideas, and plenty of other users showcasing their cool designs.

Secondly, we have r/webdev, which as you might have guessed has a larger focus on the development side of webpage creation. Despite this, r/webdev has a lot of useful resources regardless of how much development you actually do.

The great thing about these Subreddits isn’t just that you’ll find things that you would never see anywhere else on the internet, but also that you yourself can participate.

If you ever have any questions about a project or concept that you’re struggling to execute, you can go to the Subreddit for feedback or help. This is an invaluable resource for any of you who work freelance.

Take Your Web Design to the Next Level

As you can see, web design inspiration is only ever a couple of clicks away. Hopefully, with this article, you’ve found something that really speaks to you and some new ideas for your next website.

If you’re just a hobbyist or hoping to evolve your skills even further, there’s no need to stop with just inspiration, however. You can always learn more in the world of web design or development, and knowledge can be your most powerful weapon.

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