Timeless Concept, New Technology: Site Enhances Mitzvah Campaigns

OneMitzvah Showcase: Upper East Aspect of Manhattan Shlucha Rachel Benchimol has been employing the OneMitzvah system to honor her father’s memory. It also enhanced a birthday undertaking as perfectly. Comprehensive Story

Shimon Schnaider Z”L, was a Colombian Jew of handful of phrases but major influence. Fiercely committed to his Yiddishkeit, he labored tirelessly to instill his values of Yiras Shamayim and kindness in his four daughters. Elevated by his mom and dad in the spiritually desolate atmosphere of article-war South The usa without the need of the privilege of receiving a finish Jewish schooling, he even so did his utmost to practice Mitzvos to the greatest of his expertise.

In the aftermath of his passing 16 several years back, his kids were exploring for a fitting way to pay back tribute to his memory. Through the Shivah, his daughter Rachel Benchimol, a Shlucha in the Higher East Side of Manhattan, experienced a novel concept: To inspire people to indicator up and dedicate to fulfilling a mitzvah, any mitzvah, to honor his memory. With each other with her sisters, she was equipped to enlist lots of neighborhood associates in a venture they known as the “Mitzvah Fun” in memory of their late father.

Initially, Rachel viewed the Mitzvah campaign as people’s way of paying out tribute to her father. Nonetheless as time handed, she recognized how the Mitzvah pledges were being increasing the excellent of the people’s lives. Men and women of all ages had been locating additional which means in their everyday routines, and the progress in just one area of Yiddishkeit had spilled over into other individuals. All as a result of the power of 1 Mitzvah.

“At the beginning, people employed to inquire me what Mitzvah they really should pledge, but I was unwilling to inform them. I felt that it was important that folks do what they hook up with, and that even if they can’t instantly determine what that is, they will ultimately know what to do ” Rachel suggests. “The results of this marketing campaign have been remarkable! A person particular person instructed me he started putting on Tzitzis day by day – and wears them to this working day.

“Another young mom shared with me her obstacle: she was as well overwhelmed with caring for her kids. She could not carve out any time to dedicate to a new mitzvah. So she made a decision that in advance of obtaining out of bed every day, she would acquire a couple of seconds to recite Modeh Ani. Individuals brief moments each individual early morning had a amazing effect. She ongoing escalating in her Yiddishkeit and in the long run impacted her complete spouse and children.”

This calendar year, in honor of her birthday, Rachel required to mark the celebration by harnessing a mitzvah’s electricity to transform people’s lives. But this time, it was no longer vital to do so through e-mail, letters and spreadsheets. She was able to use OneMitzvah’s newly introduced mitzvah-raising platform. After she launched her campaign, the reaction and engagement was mind-boggling. From London to Israel, outdated close friends and acquaintances ended up having on by themselves to gentle Shabbos candles and give Tzedakah, therefore reawakening connections that had been dormant for years.

A undertaking of the Moshiach Business at Merkos 302, OneMitzvah is a platform that enables any individual to commence a “Mitzvah increasing campaign” on the internet. All which is essential is to take a look at the web site, launch a campaign in an quick set-up process, and share the url to a personal Mitzvah marketing campaign web site.

“The interface is person-pleasant and it is effortless to retain keep track of of people’s Mitzvah pledges. It also enormously expands the campaign’s reach as everyone can stop by the website page from anywhere in the environment. This has encouraged other group users to build their individual groups, getting their mates and relatives to participate,” suggests Rachel.

“This job seeks to amplify the Rebbe’s information about the transformative power of one mitzvah to radically adjust the globe,” suggests Rabbi Shlomie Naparstek, director of the Moshiach Business office at Merkos 302. “As an organization committed to raising awareness about the Rebbe’s message relating to the immanence of Moshiach’s arrival and the necessary actions to deliver that about, it is our purpose to encourage this thought by way of the resourceful use of know-how.”

The platform is open up to all, and attributes exceptional templates for lifecycle activities this kind of as birthdays, bar-mitzvahs and yahrzeits. It seeks to infuse additional meaning into these momentous gatherings by channeling the goodwill of family and buddies in the most spiritually constructive manner.

“This venture has touched plenty of people today and testifies to the enormous excellent that the right use of contemporary technology can execute,” suggests Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch. “We pray that the mitzvos generated by these strategies will develop a ripple influence, major to much more and much more mitzvos, right until the entire entire world will be positively remodeled with the coming of Moshiach.”

For Rachel, the Mitzvah campaign began as a way to pay back tribute to her father, but it has developed into some thing a great deal bigger. She hopes that the mitzvahs produced by means of these campaigns will generate a ripple result and positively transform the entire world.

Go to OneMitzvah.org to start your individual marketing campaign today.

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