As the environment builds out at any time larger installations of wind and photo voltaic electricity methods, the need is escalating rapidly for affordable, substantial-scale backup units to offer electric power when the sunshine is down and the air is relaxed. Today’s lithium-ion batteries are nevertheless way too costly for […]

Silicon is a single of the most abundant things on Earth, and in its pure type the product has come to be the foundation of substantially of contemporary technological know-how, from photo voltaic cells to computer chips. But silicon’s properties as a semiconductor are significantly from excellent. For just one […]

The MIT spinout Ori captivated a lot of notice when it unveiled its shapeshifting household furniture prototypes in 2014. But following the founders still left MIT, they faced a amount of daunting challenges. Wherever would they come across the house to build and demo their apartment-scale merchandise? How would they […]

From their early days at MIT, and even right before, Emma Liu ’22, MNG ’22, Yo-whan “John” Kim ’22, MNG ’22, and Clemente Ocejo ’21, MNG ’22 knew they preferred to complete computational analysis and check out artificial intelligence and machine discovering. “Since large university, I have been into deep […]