New technology decreases shark attacks, increases catches for fishermen

Sharks are an integral element of the ocean’s ecosystem, preserving fish populations from exploding and acquiring rid of outdated or sick animals.

But for fisherman, they are just competition and numerous do not head killing them if they have stolen their capture. Now, one particular entrepreneur has arrive up with a way to scare sharks away that does not harm them in any way.

Check with any deep sea fisherman, many of them see sharks as community enemy quantity one particular.

“It’s actually just about every hour of the working day we’re encountering sharks out here. It is like nonstop,” explained Capt. Billy Delph, who operates Delph Fishing Charters from Essential West.

It is a regular battle from depredation: when sharks steal and try to eat your catch right before it is reeled in. It’s the motive so many fishermen despise sharks.

“It’s surely a irritation to offer with out there. It’s just a single a lot more point,” Delph said. “You bought the climate, you have all these other conditions, and then you have shark challenges out there.”


Like a lot of anglers, Delph is pissed off.

“Here in South Florida as it transpires, it is absolutely heading to set the animal at odds with the fisherman mainly because we’re both of those combating for the very same resource,” Delph reported.

Enter Sharkbanz, a item designed by ocean lover and conservationist Nathan Garrison that he claims keeps the sharks away from the prey.

“It has impressive, everlasting magnets, which generates an electromagnetic area, and that disrupts the sharks’ electrical sensory organ in a way that’s really unpleasant for it,” Garrison spelled out.

It is a small pounds connected to the conclude of a fishing line that Garrison suggests sharks do not like.

“It’s kind of like, I despatched a actually vivid light in your eyes in a dark place. It is not going to hurt you, but it is gonna make you want to switch away. And that is accurately what occurs for the shark,” he stated.

With a workforce of researchers from the University of Miami, Garrison championed the technology after his childhood close friend was bitten by a shark though browsing off the coast of South Carolina.


“So, the bull shark arrived from down below even though he was surfing, grabbed him by the ankle, pulled him off of his board underwater (and) tore up his foot quite badly,” Garrison claimed.

The bull shark enable go when it acknowledged that this was not prey, but that acquired Garrison pondering — sharks principally depend on sound vibrations to detect their future food. If a little something were being to disrupt that, could that be a activity changer? The seed for Sharkbanz was planted.

“It reduces negative interaction amongst people and sharks. The target is to lower animosity, and it encourages coexistence,” Garrison reported.

Sharkbanz is a magnetic band that attaches to your wrist or your ankle that fundamentally tells the shark, ‘Hey, I’m not foods.’”

“If they knew it was a human and not something else, they wouldn’t chunk us. They don’t like the way that we style,” Garrison explained.

It was an immediate strike with surfers and spearfishermen, who described less frightening encounters with sharks.


“So this is kind of like a kryptonite for sharks,” Garrison stated. “And when they knowledge this, it is like, whoa, this ridiculous minute. And they convert appropriate absent from it, for the reason that it is overpowering that feeling.”

So if it worked for swimmers, surfers and spearfishermen, why not anglers? Which is how the Zepplin was born.

“So the way that we rigged it, is we rig it so it’s hanging down below the bait fish,” Delph claimed.

Video clip after video exhibits sharks becoming deterred by the Zepplin. And while Delph was a significant skeptic at the beginning, due to the fact working with this new technologies, he states he’s seen his catch improve by 50{4224f0a76978c4d6828175c7edfc499fc862aa95a2f708cd5006c57745b2aaca}.

However, Garrison admits the Zeppelin doesn’t deter every single hungry shark.

“It’s not a silver magic bullet, but it is tested to lower shark bites off by 70{4224f0a76978c4d6828175c7edfc499fc862aa95a2f708cd5006c57745b2aaca} or far more in some of the sharkiest locations on Earth,” he mentioned. “While they can result in some issues, there are strategies to coexist.”

Right now we’re killing above 70,000,000 sharks a 12 months around the world, and whether you like them or you loathe them, the bottom line is a wholesome ocean requirements sharks.


For extra facts on Sharkbanz and the Zeppelin, simply click right here.

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