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Most of us haven’t made the jump to WiFi 6 yet, but Mediatek has already announced WiFi 7, and it will be “faster than cable”.

Will Apple launch a folding tablet, in the style of the ill-fated Surface Neo? At least the patent has already been filed …

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Technological news

Now we can more easily delete the data stored by the sites in Google Chrome. Read the news

Mediatek will introduce WiFi 7 at CES 2022, and says it will be faster than cable. Read the news

This way you will be able to manage all the notifications you receive about reactions on WhatsApp. Read the news

Apple patents its own Surface Neo. Read the news

Mobile phones

The Pixel 6a is filtered in all its glory, with a 360-degree video. Read the news

The 10 best apps to animate photos from your mobile. Read the report

Hidden tricks of Google Maps for Android that will make your life easier. Read the report

Snapdragon vs Mediatek, how are these SoCs different? Read the report

Computers and tablets

What is a forced browsing attack and how does it work. Read the report

A mint-condition Apple I sells for $ 500,000, and the experts are shocked – it’s a bargain. Read the news

We thoroughly tested the spectacular 14 ”MacBook Pro with M1 Pro. Read our analysis and opinion

How to put the Windows 11 start menu back where it should be. Read the tutorial

How to prevent Windows 10 from constantly warning us to update to Windows 11. Read the tutorial

Use your smartphone as a keyboard and mouse on your computer. Read the tutorial


This would be the first render of the Apple Watch Series 8, and there is a major change. Read the news

Guide and tips for buying an oil radiator for the winter. Read the report

Guide and tips for buying a heater. Read the report

5 tools to save time in meetings. Read the report

Devices and appliances that you should never connect to a power strip. Read the news

10 bargains on Black Friday that cost less than € 20 and are already on Amazon. Read the report

Thousands of live Black Friday deals: Amazon, MediaMarkt, PcComponentes, AliExpress and many more. Read the report

Leisure and gaming

The best new Netflix movies released in 2021. Read the report

The 20 best current movies you can watch on Amazon Prime Video. Read the report


Hundreds of Tesla car owners are unable to access their vehicles due to a server error. Read the news


They invent a camera capable of seeing through almost anything. Read the news

The FDA officially approves the medical use of virtual reality to treat chronic pain. Read the news

So are the robots that clean the campus tables in Google Bay Area. Read the news

Now they are teaching robots to open doors and even recharge themselves. Read the news

They imagine a new skyscraper capable of removing 1000 tons of carbon from the atmosphere. Read the news

The Parker solar probe breaks the speed record of a human-created object: from Madrid to Barcelona in 3 seconds. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

Why the statue of Charles La Trobe, in Australia, is planted upside down. Read the news

Why are lasers installed in the middle of the Nafud desert, in Saudi Arabia. Read the news

They invent a toy that acts like a phone for dogs. Read the news

The sad story of Frank Hayes, the only person who has ever won a competition while dead. Read the news

Xiaomi has just launched the perfect smart toy for your cat. Read the news

This has been the summary of technology news of the day. Have a nice day!

Marcy Willis

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