10 Website Design Agencies to Watch in 2023

When you’re building an online presence for your business, hiring a web design company is vital. They offer all the expert services you need to help your website rank on search engines, grow, and become profitable.

We’ve curated a list of some of the best web design companies that will help you achieve your business goals and stand out from the competition.

Every option on this list is backed by dedicated teams of talented individuals who understand all aspects of web design and offer effective solutions. Moreover, they’re led by passionate experts who master their craft and can provide unique strategies!

Web Welder

Led by CEO Mike Wheaton, Web Welder is an award-winning full-service digital marketing and website design firm that specializes in SEO, PC Management, Social Media Marketing, Branding, and other services. Their slogan is “We make your website work everywhere” and that’s exactly what they accomplish for each client.

Mike and his team are dedicated to helping businesses grow online and, for the past 11 consecutive years, Web Welder has been recognized as the best Web Services provider in Denver, the top 50 SEO companies in the USA 2014, the Top Digital Asset Solutions Provider in 2021, and the Most Innovative Digital Marketing Agency in the US.

At Web Welder, clients are partners rather than customers, so their success and fulfilling their needs is the most important thing. They have helped hundreds of clients achieve immediate and long-term success, from the startup stage to becoming fully operational businesses, many of which have become large companies with a national focus. They are highly adaptable and flexible, adjusting to clients’ needs and pivoting when necessary to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Mike and his team of experts have created a community that’s highly focused and committed, offering all the services and support clients could ever need. They are also passionate about giving back, so they provide pro-bono services for nonprofit organizations, particularly the ones that help veterans, first responders, children with physical and developmental limitations, and support mental wellness initiatives.

Azuro Digital

Founded by Daniel Houle, Azuro Digital is an award-winning & results-driven web design agency that focuses on generating revenue for their clients. Their philosophy is that web design is not just about aesthetics, it’s also about creating something that will motivate visitors to take action and convert them into paying customers.

Daniel and his team know exactly how to leverage industry research, SEO principles, and conversion rate optimization tactics to generate a strong ROI for clients. The agency has worked with ConductLaw, COCO Tile, and many other clients who have wonders to say about their services.

Though there are hundreds of important principles and strategies to consider for website optimization, Azuro Digital has distilled them down into 8 key ways to maximize ROI. This is one of Azuro Digital’s strongest points of difference and it’s what makes their services so effective and valuable.

Small Planet


Small Planet is a digital agency that builds custom web and mobile products for innovative companies. Staffed by a team of multi-platform developers, UX designers, and QA experts, the agency specializes in elegant solutions for complex technical challenges.

While they work on projects for a diverse range of clients (healthcare, entertainment, gaming, and more) the Small Planet team is exceptionally proficient in working with retail brands. They understand how necessary customization is to the digital shopping experience. As such, they have become experts at creating intuitive digital tools to help both shoppers and retailers.

Small Planet also offers on-demand access to senior talent and expertise. They can help a brand’s existing internal product team adopt new technologies, release new products, expand to multiple digital platforms, or perform QA tasks.

Additionally, they build long-term client relationships based on transparency and integrity. Every stage of their process involves testing and validation to ensure solutions align with business goals, which allows Small Planet to aim for fewer presentations and more actual work.


Led by Creative Director Ian Brewer, Noformat is a New York-based web design agency with members all over the world. They’re known for creating award-winning work and they’ve collaborated with some of the biggest brands on the market, including the likes of Levi’s, Nike, Bank of America, AOL, Virgin, Boeing, Samsung, Nissan, Acura, and Hershey’s, just to name a few.

Noformat is the perfect solution for those looking to create new brands, build web platforms, and develop mobile apps. Ian and his team are dedicated to world-class design and strive to satisfy clients fully to provide unmatched value and earn their loyalty.

Additionally, they like to give back and use their talents for good. That’s why Noformat was founded as a Social Oriented Interactive Agency and it has helped raise 5 million dollars on a project for Special Olympics, created campaigns for Amnesty International, worked to fight climate change with Prince Charles and the Earth Awards, and recently created the webby winning website for the Asian Legacy Library.

As the world steps into a new era after COVID-19, Noformat will continue evolving. They will expand their innovations to the metaverse and Web 3.0 to ensure partners can meet and exceed the ever-changing consumer demands. Noformat is where beautiful design and complex technology meet. As a result, this expert and inspired team knows how to make technology functional and usable, and make projects as appealing and engaging as possible.

Shauna Graham


Founded by award-winning entrepreneur and product consultant Shauna Graham, The Alfam is a creative agency that designs mobile and web applications, as well as packaging brand experiences, that cater to today’s marketplace and Web3 to help clients reach new heights.

Shauna is passionate about building ideas and products, and she has helped over 200 clients understand the benefits of user experience and design. This is how she has emboldened them to grow their businesses in the digital, experiential space for new technologies and product development to optimize customer journeys.

The Alfam consists of a vibrant multicultural team that represents today’s diverse culture. They are experts at helping people bring ideas into reality, no matter how big or small they may be. Shauna and her team provide clients with the support they need to succeed and provide impactful experiences to customers.

With an empathy-driven approach, The Alfam helps clients build legacies by designing the ultimate framework their brands need. Shauna advocates for user experience and design aesthetics, which allow businesses to connect with their audience instantly. She is dedicated to leveraging AI, VR, Blockchain, and other Web3 technologies to enhance customer experience and help clients stay innovative. Not only for today, but for the future!

Jessica M. Studio


Founded by Jessica Murko, Jessica M. Studio is an innovative web design agency that specialises in Website Design across Squarespace and Shopify. They leverage refined and timeless design to breathe new life into brands and help them stand out from the competition. Jessica and her team are dedicated to elevating clients’ online presence and helping them reach new heights with a distinct online aesthetic.

Not only that, Jessica M. Studio values education in the technology and design world. They understand that knowledge is power and they’re happy to provide that to clients. Jessica and her team are particularly passionate about small businesses and that’s at the core of everything they do. As such, they empower small business owners to enter a new stage and confidently enter the market with meaning and purpose.

Jessica M. Studio offers custom website packages that eliminate overwhelm and allow clients to take a bold step forward. They’re experts at working with clients and making sure the design aligns with their business vision to provide unique results. They create strong relationships with clients where collaboration is encouraged to create beautiful, strategic, and authentic designs.

Quixotic Design Co.

Led by CEO and Creative Director Meredith Cancilla, Quixotic Design Co. is a brand and web design agency that helps female entrepreneurs build industry-leading brands. With a focus on intelligent design and brand strategy, this agency supports women-owned businesses and helps them find the success they deserve.

Meredith went from being a corporate designer working with high-profile brands in a 9-5 job to being a freelance designer working from her studio apartment. These experiences gave her the knowledge and the drive to create something of her own, which is how Quixotic Design Co. was born. Today, she’s helped hundreds of other female entrepreneurs thrive with strategy-led brands.

The Quixotic branding process consists of observing the business as a whole to create a custom design map and achieve the client’s goals. Good design is nothing without a great concept, which is impossible to craft without knowing and understanding each client on a deeper level.

As such, Meredith works closely with clients to make sure their brands are founded on what makes them experts in their fields. Quixotic Design Co. creates intentional and strategic brands based on real market research so clients can attract their ideal audience, increase perceived authority, and skyrocket their sales.



Type/Code is a boutique, Brooklyn-based full-service digital product agency. With a team of talented and passionate creatives, this agency is able to offer inspired design solutions and build delightful solutions for clients. They’re experts in product design, UX, and visual design — and, on the development side, in bringing those experiences to life.

Type/Code has worked on projects for clients like A24, Google, MoMA, Yale, Scholastic, and MIT Media Lab, among many others. They have worked on and launched hundreds of impactful projects, choosing to only take on projects with teams they’re excited to collaborate with.

Clients who need to create exceptional digital experiences will benefit greatly from working with this tight-knit studio of designers and developers. They have a multidisciplinary approach and they pay attention to detail, both on and below the surface. Additionally, a process that lets development inform design (and not only the other way around) allows them to provide great digital experiences that make a lasting impression.

When Type/Code takes a client on, they take the time to immerse themselves in the client’s history, values, and challenges, so they can provide effective, innovative, and unique solutions.

Create with Danielle

Photo Credit: Lili Creative Design

Founded by Danielle Demers, Create with Danielle is a web design agency that caters to ambitious women and creatives. Danielle is a Showit website designer dedicated to helping clients differentiate their brand from the competition and create a more confident online presence. Strategic and unique website design is what defines this agency and it’s how they offer unmatched value.

In the past 3 years, Danielle has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world improve their online image, land ideal clients, and build a more profitable businesses. Create with Danielle is known for providing custom website designs based on clients’ visions and messages. They offer customizable website templates as well, which are affordable and easy to use, perfect for newer businesses.

Additionally, Create with Danielle offers SEO services to help clients reach new heights. Some of Danielle’s past clients have nurtured award-winning businesses, been featured in top publications, and ranked #1 on search engines with their desired keywords.

Danielle has a collaborative approach, which is why the word “with” is in her business name. She works closely with clients and creates a space where they can discuss their goals, vision, and mission freely so they can bring it to life together. Clients have a say in the design process and Danielle offers expert guidance and innovative ideas to help move things along. Create with Danielle makes it easy for clients to manage their own websites and flourish!

Flying Saucer Studio

Founded by Adrien Colombié, Flying Saucer Studio is a web design agency that specializes in helping startups make a bigger impact and reach their growth goals. Flying Saucer is a New York and Paris-based company, but the creative team works remotely from around the world. This diverse, expert team creates stand-out creatives and keen marketing strategies for startups of any size.

Adrien used to work in advertising, but after getting a taste of the startup world as a mentor at Techstarts, he decided he wanted to work with passionate entrepreneurs. In 2016, he founded Flying Saucer Studio to help startups grow with creative design services and marketing strategies. Adrien understands that branding is about much more than logos and colors: it’s a toolbox businesses use every day, both internally and externally, and it’s rooted in the company’s history, values, personality, and more.

Since 2019, Flying Saucer Studio has been focusing on Impact Startups. The agency’s main objective is to amplify and empower innovators who are solving humanity’s problems and to be good humans while doing it. As part of their commitment to people and the planet, Flying Saucer is about to obtain its B-Corps certification.

Adrien and his team maximize clients’ impact by designing beautiful products and leveraging online marketing to increase sales. Flying Saucer becomes an extension of clients’ marketing teams. . On top of creating eye-catching innovative designs, the team is efficient, accountable, and transparent. Flying Saucer is committed to providing scalable, affordable solutions for startups that are making a difference.

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